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Xi'an casting parts manufacturers tell you how to deal with small defects

Casting defects such as abrasion, scratches, trachoma, pinholes, cracks, pits, defects, stomata, damage and other defects in the production process of Xi'an foundry manufacturers have been a major problem in distressing foundry enterprises. Any casting defects are directly affected The economic efficiency of enterprises and social benefits, but the reality is that no one foundry is no casting defects. The use of traditional argon welding, welding repair castings are likely to cause deformation after repair, color difference, local annealing, and internal stress damage or even scrapped, it is difficult to meet the precision parts, precision casting repair needs.

Xi'an casting parts manufacturers to develop and produce EDM series of welding and precision welding series of cold welding machine to solve the problem of traditional repair equipment, the principle is the use of high-frequency discharge technology, heat affected area is small, the workpiece temperature Spark welding and precision packing repair welding, to repair a variety of materials, metal casting surface defects and wear, to ensure the integrity of the workpiece, not deformed after repair, no annealing, no color, high strength, with the original base Material solid welding, follow-up only after a little grinding and polishing the post-processing.

Xi'an casting parts manufacturers have a wide range of applicability, non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals and almost all of the conductor can be welded, widely used in cast iron, cast aluminum, cast copper, hard alloy casting industry and machinery and equipment repair.