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Effect and Defects of Microstructure and Properties of Xi'an Forging Parts

Xi'an forging parts manufacturers introduced forging process generally consists of the following processes, namely, cutting, heating, forming, forging after cooling, pickling and forging heat treatment. Forging process if the process is not appropriate will likely produce a series of forging defects. Heating process, including furnace temperature, heating temperature, heating rate, holding time, furnace gas composition. If improper heating, such as heating temperature is too high and the heating time is too long, will cause decarburization, overheating, over burning and other defects.

Some of the Xi'an forging parts of the organization defects, in the final heat treatment will be further developed, and even cause cracking. For example, the coarse grain structure in the alloy structural steel forgings is not improved if the heat treatment is after forging, and the martensite needle is coarse and the performance is unqualified after carbon, nitrogen permeation and quenching; coarse ribbon carbonization in high speed steel It is often caused by cracking.

Xi'an forging parts manufacturers pointed out that a variety of forming methods in the common defects and various types of materials forging the main defects are their regular. Different forming methods, due to their different force, stress and strain characteristics are not the same, and thus may produce the main defects are not the same. For example, the main disadvantage of the blank upsetting is the side of the surface to produce longitudinal or 45 ° direction of the crack, the ingot upset after the upper and lower ends of the casting structure and so on; rectangular cross-section of the main drawback is the surface of the transverse cracks And the corner crack, the internal diagonal cracks and transverse cracks; open die forging the main drawback is full of dissatisfaction, folding and wrong and so on. The common pitfalls in the major forming processes are described in detail in Chapter 4.