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Summary of Production Process Points to Be Considered in Xi'an Die Steel Forgings

In recent years, in order to improve the forging of Xi'an die forging efficiency and forging die steel size accuracy, the general use of hydraulic fast forging die steel production, forging should be considered the production process points are:

1, to ensure adequate compression ratio

From the steel ingot to the steel embryo, the processing ratio of the material, also known as compression ratio or forging ratio (referred to as forging ratio), generally with k = F0 / F (FO-ingot average cross-sectional area, F-embryo or cross-sectional area). If the step-by-step processing, the total forging ratio is the sum of the forging ratio of each step, which is the most important process parameters of the hot working process of Xi'an die steel forgings . In some technical conditions of steel, Generally should not be less than 4 ,. Especially the module, the forging ratio and upsetting ratio requirements more stringent.

2, heating temperature and heating rate

The heating temperature of the ingot is the most important process parameter in the hot working of the die steel, which is generally related to the characteristics of the steel, mainly depends on the chemical composition of the steel. If the heating temperature is too high, will cause overheating, over burning, thick grain and other defects. Especially the Cr12 type cold work die steel. Heating temperature is too low, difficult to process, but also prone to cracks, affecting the production equipment and efficiency. Therefore, the heating temperature of the mold steel should be strictly specified. In order to ensure that the surface of the ingot and the central part of the temperature gradient is small and reduce the thermal stress and tissue stress, resulting in the occurrence of cracks should be slowly warming, and several preheating insulation, and then gradually heated to the heating temperature, for high alloy Die steel cold ingot is generally not higher than 600 ℃ furnace.

3, the final forging temperature

In the forging process, to ensure that the mold steel does not appear in the case of cracks, should try to use a lower final forging temperature, will get more small grain. Secondly, for some of the chrysanthemum steel, in forging to avoid the final forging temperature is too low, resulting in crack and crack.

4, deformation process

For the deformation of the mold steel forgings in Xi'an can use a variety of deformation methods, metallurgical plants generally to pull the main, for large cross-section of the material or module, in order to ensure quality, something using upsetting, that is, upsetting and pulling together, this is Increase the forging ratio of the main way. In the deformation process, should pay attention to the deformation control, (the article from Yi Fenghua die steel, customer service hotline: 0755-28110612, contact: Mr. Chen) for the Cr12 type of cold work die steel, each deformation is not appropriate Too large to avoid cracks. When the open embryo is produced by the precision forging machine, it is especially necessary to pay attention to the design of the deformation times and the deformation amount of each pass and the heating temperature of the ingot (steel embryo) so as to avoid hole defects because the precision forging machine is small High frequency forging, which is difficult to deformation deformation of the steel is very favorable, but the resulting deformation of the steel surface of the face, which easy to form holes.

5, steel embryo cooling

Xi'an die steel forgings most of the steel after forging or rolling after the slow or red pine annealing, slow cooling in the slow pit, pay attention to the temperature of the pit and the stability of the cold pit insulation properties, the general steel in the forging into the pit , The insulation time should not be less than 48h.