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Xi'an cold mold steel for the future direction of development

Overall, the demand for all kinds of mold steel have a more substantial growth in the future development of Xi'an cold work die steel continued to improve. It is expected that between 2016 and 2020, the mold industry will grow at least 8% per annum.

However, the future direction of the development of mold steel will be changed. First of all, with the large-scale mold forming trend, large-scale demand for mold steel is expected to increase year by year; Secondly, the market demand for mold precision, Xi'an cold mold steel market will be towards high quality, high precision, good stability; , In the high-end mold steel to further popularization, plastic mold steel, die-casting mold steel demand to maintain the upward trend.

In the above direction, the development of mold steel industry to focus on the following five aspects.

First, steadily strengthen the theoretical study of die steel, starting from the quality and performance for the development of mold steel lay the foundation;

Second, pay close attention to the dynamic changes in market demand, to develop a variety of specifications, the type of mold steel mold;

Third, scientific and rational use of emerging information technology, mold steel to achieve the specialized production;

Fourth, the cold mold steel in Xi'an as the future development of mold steel industry focus, to fill the gaps in high-end steel products.