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The principle of economy need to pay attention to

In the choice of Xi'an die steel forgings both to consider the price of mold materials, but also consider the cost of mold materials, but also to consider the choice of material for the whole process of forging the impact. Such as the effect of the selection on the maintenance and repair costs of the mold and the cost of the forging manure and ancillary costs, and the effect of the selection on the geometry and dimensional tolerances of the forging. In addition, the consistency of the forging geometry and dimensional tolerances has an impact on subsequent tests (eg grouping) and machining (eg loading) hours.

On the other hand, the purchase of Xi'an die steel forgings not only depends on the price, but also depends on the quality (life), that is, its cost or die life and price ratio. In general, the mold material costs only about 25% of the mold cost, while the mold processing, heat treatment, installation, commissioning and management of about 75%. The cost of the mold material is 1, and the service cost is 1 times higher than that of the ordinary mold material. The cost of the mold is increased by 25% due to the increase of the cost of the mold material, that is, the mold cost becomes 1.25 , While the mold life into 2, the quality of the mold material cost-effective 1.6.

Overall, some well-known foreign manufacturers of Xi'an die steel forgings in the mold steel production methods, variety specifications, serialization, after-sales service and the development of new steel awareness and effect is still obvious advantages. Domestic mold steel series and the quality of the stability of the situation is still not high to improve the situation; some excellent performance of the mold steel production and application of the proportion is still low, most of the new steel application is still small, but also the lack of effective promotion Sales means, after-sales service to be improved; In addition, there are still to be developed with some special performance of the new steel. Improve and improve the above shortcomings, will continue for some time in the future development of China's mold steel main task.