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Introduction and Forging Technology of Xi'an Alloy Steel Forgings

  Xi'an alloy steel forgings due to contain different types and the number of alloying elements, and to take appropriate alloy steel pill when the process measures, it has a high strength, toughness, hardenability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature Nature, heat resistance, heat and other properties. In order to obtain or improve certain properties, in the carbon steel on the basis of the right amount of one or more alloying elements of iron-carbon alloy is called alloy steel. Countries around the alloy steel alloy elements of the limited range of different.

Xi'an alloy steel forgings manufacturers can be based on rough processing drawings of the size and technical requirements of the preparation process and drawing forging map. At this point in the user forging map and then put 30 mm tangential test piece, for the side to do tangential performance test. (The user's test stick, has been provided in the user's forging map plus). Forging process standard plus margin, tolerance, calculate the weight of forgings, plus forging a total of 5% of the heating power consumption (if it is for billet forging, need to add two head material head loss), that is, alloy steel forgings The weight of the material. Finally, according to the use of alloy steel ingot about 70% of the use of steel ingot tonnage.

Xi'an alloy steel forgings are divided into: high alloy steel, low alloy steel. High alloy steel can be divided into alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, the alloy content is higher, the impurity content is relatively low, generally by heat treatment to improve the strength and hardness after use. There are also stainless steel and some special purpose steel. Low-alloy steel of the regular classification of the name is - low-alloy high-strength steel, the alloy content is low, relatively high impurity content, generally direct use, do not use heat treatment.