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Xi'an casting industry to the high-tech, innovative direction

Xi'an casting industry development also need to rely on their own strength, towards the high-tech innovative direction, in the fierce casting wear parts of the market occupy a place.

Casting wear parts industry development and the development of China's steel industry are inseparable. At the same time, the development of cast wear-resistant parts industry by the impact of the steel industry. Analysis of China's current economic development structure, in the industrial sector, increased support for steel, major equipment. Iron and steel industry to introduce advanced technology, continuous development. It will also lead to the development of casting wear parts industry.

Xi'an Casting Casting the liquid metal into the shape of the casting cavity to adapt to the casting cavity, to be cooled after solidification, in order to obtain parts or rough method called casting. Casting is made by casting. Advantages: 1 can produce complex parts of the shape, especially the complex cavity of the rough; 2 wide adaptability, industrial commonly used metal materials can be cast. 3 Raw materials are widely available. Low price. Scrap, scrap, chip; 4 shape and size of the casting is very close to the parts, reducing the amount of cutting, is no less cutting.

With the increase in steel prices, and its closely related to the Xi'an casting industry will be subject to a certain impact. In this regard, the casting wear parts enterprises should actively adjust the current economic development model, to find a new way out, continue to update the casting parts of the project to upgrade, increase equipment independent research and development, strengthen the quality management system and advanced technology. Should deal with the integration of the development trend of the steel market, so that casting and wear parts enterprises to adapt.