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Xi'an forging technology must do the corresponding quality inspection

  Xi'an forging parts is to obtain the dimensions and internal organizational performance of qualified die forging. Therefore, must be based on the technical requirements of the forging forging, do a good job late quality inspection work.

In fact, the quality inspection of forged parts is not only the final inspection of the factory. In the large quantities of forging production, forging process is very complex, a forging parts, including many processes and links. In the production process, no matter which part of the quality problems, may make the front work in vain, follow-up work can not be carried out, resulting in a large number of losses and production stagnation.

Therefore, the process of Xi'an forging process design, construction and inspection work is inseparable as a whole, must be equipped with measurement and inspection departments, for each production process, are quality inspection, the formation of quality control system, and strictly control the quality of the process; And further for all the quality inspection data, the implementation of scientific management and use, such as the establishment of quality management database, with a variety of enterprise information technology integration into one role, and constantly improve the production process and enhance the production level.

Xi'an forging pieces of non-metallic sealing material performance requirements are as follows:

1) in a certain temperature range has good chemical stability, insoluble in the working medium, anti-working medium erosion ability, and metal contact does not interact with each other (such as corrosion, adhesion, etc.).

2) good elasticity, permanent deformation small.

3) have the appropriate mechanical strength and hardness, high pressure resistance.

4) Friction factor is small, good wear resistance.

5) is not easy to aging long life.

6) low cost, easy to manufacture, easy to press forming.

7) in special working conditions, the requirements of high temperature does not soften, low temperature does not harden, for this, there are special high temperature and very low temperature of fluorine glue