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2017 Xi'an excellent special steel market opportunities still exist, is expected to a new high

2017 Xi'an excellent special steel market opportunities still exist, is expected to a new high, but still need to be carefully observed. The factors that affect the excellent steel market is also stable in the state of progress in the forward, but also makes the price trend to support, excellent steel market is still high probability of innovation, but really need to pick up the time, should not blindly optimistic about the overall Excellent special steel market or will maintain a moderate upward trend in the main trend.

2016 cost of crazy up, Xi'an excellent special steel costs continue to rise, the terminal demand was significantly suppressed, the future pull up space or relatively limited, especially with the freight, manpower and other costs continue to rise, the raw material surface remains variable. Raw material prices ups and downs shorten the period, excellent special steel companies in the ups and downs even more confused, 2017 "to production, to inventory, to leverage, fill short board, cost reduction" policy will still force, supply side reform Under the impact of the end of 2017 by the end of China's steel industry will compress 70 million tons of production capacity, crude steel production is expected to drop to 790 million tons, capacity utilization returned to 74%, coupled with high steel prices, late risk, manufacturers to avoid Risk awareness is stronger, the late steel mills to brokers to run low inventory will be normal.

Risk and opportunity coexist, to avoid the risk of substantial fluctuations in raw material prices, some profitable Xi'an gifted special steel business practices worth learning: 1, direct supply of steel and traders to provide a combination of the highest concessions; 2, stocking time at any time Adjustment, on-demand procurement; 3, and buyers to take post-settlement pricing model; 4, to seek fixed customers, stable orders. So for the excellent steel production enterprises, the homogenization of competition, price competition, the survival of the fittest is still continuing, in the supply side of the reform background, the transformation of enterprises is the only way, the steel mills in the field of scientific research to be able to add Large investment, to enhance the proportion of steel production of special steel, which will undoubtedly give the entire excellent steel industry to bring positive quality improvement, making the steel industry in the healthy competition to achieve sustainable development.

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